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, what if this was your life?

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If you were trapped in the nightmare of modern slavery, wouldn’t you want the world to help free you?

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It's hard to believe, but slavery still exists. It takes many forms and traps people in every country around the world. The problem is so widespread that people in your local community may be trapped in a situation of slavery.

The good news is everyone has an important role to play to eradicate slavery. It starts in every home, in every community. It starts with you.

Here are 3 SIMPLE THINGS you can do something right now to protect those near you:

Step 1

POST a 'Signs Of Slavery' poster on an online community forum or notice board. CLICK HERE to download the poster.

Step 2

REPORT any signs of slavery to your nearest anti-slavery organisation. Find your closest organisation in the Global Modern Slavery Directory.

Step 3

SHARE this video with 3 friends in your community.


Millions of people are living in modern slavery around the world.

Learn what these organisations are doing to help end it.

We Are Not For Sale WalkFree Anti Slavery International

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